Do the 2018 Dodge Durangos have TIPM Problems?

The third generation (2010-present) Dodge Durangos are excellent vehicles. Post 2011 they were available with the reliable Pentastar V6 which gives them plenty of pep and unbelievable gas mileage. And after 2013 they came with an 8spd transmission. While this is enough for most people, some want the HEMI and 4×4 to cart the kids around. These are NOT the old, clunky Dodge vehicles built off of a truck frame but are based off of the Mercedes Benz GL and it shows. They handle amazing and have 50/50 weight distribution as well.

While they came in a variety of flavors starting at only around $30,000, one thing which tormented some previous owners was the TIPM, also known as the Totally Integrated Power Module. The problem was much worse in some models, such as the Journey. In the Durango, common failures resulted in a fuel pump which would not turn on (or off) so the vehicle would not start. Third parties eventually sold bypasses and one laptop repair company even began offering a Dodge TIPM repair service. Potentially 5 million vehicles were affected but only 1 million were recalled in September 2014 and February 2015.

So what about the 2018s?

At the moment it is too early to tell but hopefully the parts in the TIPM will hold up to the heat the engines put off and the solder joints on the surface level components will not crack and the relays will not break. The relays Dodge used in previous model’s TIPMs were discontinued so technically those parts CAN’T be used again, however if the 2018s hold up or not likely depends on the quality of these small parts which have a wholesale value of around 3 bucks. That’s good since a TIPM runs around $1,700.

I guess we’ll find out when these vehicles begin hitting 60 – 70,000 miles, however, according to the carcomplaints complaints board, the 2015s had no TIPM complaints, so the issue appears to be resolved.

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