Can I Buy A New Ram 1500 For Under $400 A Month?

The Ram 1500 is a classic truck, it seems like everyone wants one these days. Many people want to own a New Ram 1500, but not everyone has the money to spend $400 or $500 a month on a New Ram 1500. Therefore, people are asking us: Can I buy a New Ram 1500 for under $400 a month?

The answer is YES. Some dealerships offer New Ram 1500’s for under 400 dollars a month. We found confirmation online of a Ram dealership in Clinton, North Carolina offering a New 2017 Ram 1500 for under $400 a month. However, the price strongly depends on the specific truck you want, meaning the trim you want.

What does trim mean? People in the car business use the term “trim” to describe specific cars of a certain model. Different vehicle trims have different features and a slightly different look. The Ram 1500 has a lot of trims, including:

Ram 1500 Big Horn
Ram 1500 Rebel
Ram 1500 Express
Ram 1500 Tradesman
Ram 1500 Sport
Ram 1500 Night
Ram 1500 Laramie
Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn
Ram 1500 Limited

Not all of these may be in the price range you may want. Some trims are more expensive, and some may be special editions. The trim on the model we mentioned above for under $400 a month is a New 2017 Ram 1500 Express Crew Cab. Ram 1500 trucks with the Night or Limited trims for example, are typically more expensive, and may come with features or looks that you cannot get on other models.

Sometimes Ram 1500 trucks have big discounts in certain months, which can also lower prices. These discounts can be pretty big, sometimes over $10,000, and can really lower the prices on a new truck. If you see a deal like this do not be afraid to jump on it quickly, get that money while you can!

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